People Arrows

Connection Groups

WHBC offers group classes based on life-stages that are aimed to connect people with Christ, the Church, and the Community. Through these groups, you will experience an enjoyable time, but more importantly, a time devoted to knowing God more and connecting your life to the Bible. Connection Groups meet every Wednesday Night at 6:30 pm in our Worship Center building

  • Senior Adults Class

    This class is focused on retirees leaving a legacy for Christ. The lessons inspire us to be faithful, to worship, to give thanks, and to praise God together. Beyond just “socializing”, Christian fellowship takes place as we encourage and care for our friends, as well as the many social activities to keep us “young at heart!”

  • Pastor's Class

    Leader - Pastor Hodges

    This class is geared towards working people continuing in the faith. We offer interactive, thought-provoking, round-table discussions from Bible-centered lessons; while trying to find the crucial link between the Bible and real-world living.

  • Cultivate Young Families Class

    Leaders- Tim & Joni Wallace

    This class is provided to help adults and families.  We love to have fun and we enjoy getting to know other people, but our main focus is giving special attention to the important things in life.  Marriages take work. Being a parent takes lots of work. Even serving Christ takes work.  This class offers effective Biblical training on having a family that glorifies God.


    Leaders - Alan & Michelle Jenkins
    This Connection Group is for any young adult who wants to grow closer to God while discussing spiritual issues that affect everyday lives. They meet every Wednesday evening. Check out the Facebook Group “WHBC Young Adult”.